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An on-line negotiation involving a seller and many buyers on the e-business platform of www.spiderboom.com either through electronic tender or through electronic auction is termed as an e-selling event. When an electronic auction is resorted for sales of an item, then that event is termed as on-line forward auction. In order to participate in the online forward auctions, you need to be a registered member of spiderboom  


  Buyer registration
You can register as a buyer on spiderboom to access the services for e-sales. For registration as a buyer for e-sales, you need to comply with the registration formalities and complete and submit the web registration form where in you need to provide all details about yourself and the key person authorized to transact on behalf of the organization. To access the registration page, click on “register” falling under “spiderboom login”. This will take you to the member registration page. Once you enter all the details and agree to the terms of service of spiderboom by ticking the check box provided against “company user agreement” and then clicking on the “complete my registration” button, you have taken a step closer to unlock the benefits through e-commerce. Once you have successfully submitted the web registration form, a new web page opens up and you are now desired to download the “Member Registration Form” by clicking on the link provided. You shall take a print out of the same on your company letterhead and fill all the requested details and mail it to our administrative office to take you through the registration process. Our team will evaluate your registration and will get in touch with you to understand the products you intend to buy and communicate the status of registration.

Seller registration
If you wish to sell through our auction platform, kindly register on our website as a seller for e-sales by choosing the appropriate field from the dropdown menu given against “Registration type” and continue the same procedure as required for registering as e-Sales- Buyer. Further you are desired to mail to krishna.kumar@spiderboom.com mentioning products and services that you wish to dispose off through spiderboom.



Access information on upcoming auctions

We will put on our website the details of upcoming events, mentioning the products offered for sale through the online forward auction as well as e-tenders from our registered industry members. You can click on the link provided with the short description to download and see the sale documents and terms and conditions for sale through the e-business platform of spiderboom as put up by the selling industry.

Participate in on-line forward auction / e-tender

On clearly understanding and agreeing to the terms and condition of the on-line forward auction / e-tender, you are desired to sign and seal and return the auction/ tender documents along with any other documents as stipulated by the auction/ tender notice within the timeframe permitted. Our sales team will scrutinize the documents and on approval by the seller, you will be entitled to participate in that particular auction/ tender for which you have submitted the documents.




Place your bids

You can place your bids from the comfort of your home or office from your computer and with access to internet. You also need to have a web browser IE 6.0 or above loaded on your desktop. Launch the Internet Explorer and enter www.spiderboom.com on the address bar. On the home page enter user name and password in the respective fields provided under spiderboom login.

How ever as a security measure it is always insisted that you change the password before every e-auction, e-tender event. This is to safeguard your interest and security of transactions. To change the password, login the with the user id /password created by you. Then click on “My Profile”. In the web page that opens up, you will find option to update the password. Click on update link provided to update password. Enter old password, new password and reconfirm it. Then click on “Update my Password” button to change the password. Your future log in will be with the new password

After you have successfully changed the password, sign out of the page. For future logins enter the user name and new password in the fields provided under spiderboom login and click on login button. This will authorize you to access the auction services page. Now click on “My Auctions”. This will take you to the web page where you can see the auctions for which you are authorized to participate. Until the start time for auction event, the event would be shown as upcoming should you be attached to that event. Immediately after start time of auction, on refreshing page you will find that upcoming icon has changed to “Participate”. Click on the participate button. This will open up bid submission fields for you. You can enter the bid amount on “Your bid” column and click on submit button to let know your bid to the system. Be sure of the amount that you are submitting, as a bid once submitted cannot be withdrawn. If you get a feedback as invalid or prompt to revise your bid, it means that someone else has given a bid higher than you. You are requested to click on “refresh auctions” button at the top of “My Auctions” page to refresh the page and know the latest status of your bid. This will refresh the auction page where you will see the highest bid and bid amount shown in “your bid” column is by a bid increment than the highest bid. You can click on submit button to submit your bid and on being accepted it will show a message as to “You are Highest”. How ever you are requested to keep refreshing the auction page to know the latest status of your bid till the auction close time.

Similarly in order to participate in e-tender event, after logging in with the user name and password, click on “E-Tender” icon. Follow the steps as in e-auction to launch the bid submission fields. Once you enter the bid amount and click on “submit e-tender” button, the system will throw up a question enquiring to reconfirm the bid amount entered. Kindly reconfirm and on being sure that figures entered are correct, click on “Yes” button to submit the tender bid. Else if the figures entered were wrong and you wish to re-enter the correct bid before reconfirming the bid, kindly click “No” button. Continue with the process until you enter the correct figure and reconfirm the bid by clicking on “Yes” button. Once you have successfully submitted the e-tender, the bid submission field will disappear and message will be shown as to the time remaining for opening of tender.



Auction terminologies:

Benefits to buyer for e-Sales:

By registering and transacting through our website, you gain the following benefits.


Benefits to seller for e-Sales:

By registering and transacting through our website, you gain the following benefits.

  • Price discovery mechanism: Selling through on-line forward auctions help to derive market driven best prices.
  • Widen your reach: The market making activities coupled with selling through internet will widen the reach and ensure better participation even from unexplored markets.
  • Improve your sales network: The web platform will act as yet another arm of your marketing team and will supplement your selling efforts.
  • Less expensive: Selling through internet will reduce your marketing costs and staffing requirements.
  • Availability: Ensures 24x7x365 days availability