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Reduce purchase costs and negotiate with many vendors over auction platform to source at market driven least price.


Use forward auction to reach out to a larger community and wider geographic area, to sell at the market that offers best price.
22-Feb-2018 Concept for Online Homoeo Clinic
22-Feb-2018 Internet Business Proposal
25-Feb-2018 Inviting Consultants
26-Feb-2018 Revised Offer to Hong Kong Government
01-Mar-2018 Agri-exchange concept and Partner Invitation
09-Mar-2018 Strategy Implementation Partner - Invitation
10-Mar-2018 TWIN GROWTH OFFER - New!!!
22-Mar-2018 CMD Speaks - 1
23-Mar-2018 CMD Speaks - 2
26-Mar-2018 Media on Internet Auctions
27-Mar-2018 Land sale - Kollam, Kerala